I offer ?️ “Computer-things”, and ?️ Eye-sight exercise & improvement.

?️ Computers / IT

I write programs that fix, connect, download, upload, print, fill in, photoshop, convert, extract information, analyze, and calculate.

I support modern office needs, services, googlez, microzoft, accounts, emails and website maintainance (anything between visual fixes, disaster recovery, backup plans and spelling mistakes).

And more: Crawlers, automated tests, find & store data from your documents or from the internet, generating images and graphics automatically on large scale.

?️ Eyesight training

Old(er) age doesn’t have to make you see worse.You can maintain your eyes better, prevent short or far-sightedness, with enjoyable set of new habbits, in your existing life settings. –> Eyesight training

Training is done via interactive workshop, plus short daily online training meetings (5 minutes, twice a day).

?️ Other projects

3D Modeling:

3D model, developed within multiple iterration with the client
The final result, made in the factory